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Oil & Gas Investor Back Office

Several million Americans own oil and gas royalty interests, also known as producing mineral interests, oil royalty, or gas royalty. For a variety of reasons, these interests can become cumbersome to manage.

Why Stress? Let the experts take care of it for you so you can focus on investments. Access your customized system any time and any where you have an internet connection.


  • Document 'what you own' in order to manage it
  • Record revenue check detail to maintain the well totals and your share
  • Record expenses at a 'tax category' summary level so you can evaluate AFE's and potential sales/leverage quickly
  • Record your mineral ownership, DOI's, AFE's, leases, assignments, deeds, and relate this to your production & expense history
  • Scan/Image key documents with backups to protect against loss


  • Spend less to keep your books and always have someone available
  • Get more experience and a larger team to draw from
  • Evaluate opportunities - quickly review historical production and/or expenses to determine deal (sale, gift, acquisition, collateral) impact
  • Management and exception reporting that summarizes the business and return of your assets - defined with you to fit your audience


  • Provide detail income expenses by well for your expense and depletion allowance - reports customized to minimize your Tax CPA's time
  • Ensure your 1099's and K1's match what you were paid
  • Provide detail for state income taxes and compare to state withholding performed by the purchaser so you don't duplicate state tax payments
  • Support reserve analysis (engr evaluation) for re-valuation if warranted - could greatly impact cost basis depletion and tax liability