Oil and Gas Production Reporting

Capture Oil and Gas Data from the Field

OGBS Services

OPERATIONAL REPORTING field data gathering & reporting

  • Capture data from gauge sheets, run tickets, on-line downloads, or our field data gathering application. We can work with the pumpers or just take the faxes, e-mail or uploads.
  • Compare production data to revenue receipts
  • Online daily field data capture and morning reports - use our application, 3rd party, or MS Excel
  • Distribute reports via e-mail or web site
  • Provides historical production volumes for Engineering valuations
  • Maintain status of on-going activities for active projects and morning reports, as well as, record downtime and causes for operational wells

PRODUCTION REPORTING State production reporting

  • Perform state reporting for TX, OK, KS + others
  • File electronically and ensure all filing and payments are made on time
  • Ensure severance and production taxes correlate to production reporting and revenue distribution
  • Ability to sub contract complex state reporting needs as required