About Technology

People, Process, Technology

OGBS technology making your job easier.


Our approach is simple, we make sure your business gets the job done. It's not the software alone that makes your backoffice effective and efficient, it's the people who know how to make software work properly.

We deploy the People, Process, and Technology to provide you timely, accurate results. We combine the best-in-class software along with experienced, knowledgeable, and trained staff to get your work completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Our applications are available online (all you need is a PC and a connection to the internet), in fact we access the systems the same way our users do, through the internet. We use several Oil and Gas applications as the platform for delivering results, including:

  • Wolfepak
  • OGAS
  • Quickbooks
  • Land Administration software (various)
  • Mineral Interest & Royalty Management
  • Field Data Gathering & Morning Report
  • Document Management software


Not only do OGBS clients receive best-in-class applications and backoffice services, they also receive access to a virtual IT department with no need to worry about back ups, network security, systems administrators and other IT demands.  The end result is that our clients receive hassle-free results.

  • End-user training online sessions and real time support
  • IT support by remote connection and on-site support where required
  • Data extraction and conversion
  • Custom development and reporting


Our Systems are co-located in the Cyberlink Data Center at the Infomart in Dallas, Texas. This facility provides multiple routes to the Internet and multiple fail-safe power redundancies with secure access for gaining entrance, 24 hour video surveillance in a facility manned 24x7. In addition, the facility is reinforced to withstand Category 4 storms.


OGBS deploys and maintains the highest level of protection for your data deploying secure firewalls, two factor authentication, and virus detection.