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Managing Your Royalty and Mineral Interests

Regardless of whether you own an interest in 1 or 100 wells, you’re a party to a monthly transaction involving money. As such it's simply prudent to stay on top of things. Depositing the revenue, accounting for it, and paying taxes on the royalty income are all part of the deal. At times there comes a point when the hassle factor simply outweighs the benefit of owning the oil or gas royalty. Let us help.

Whether you need help with succession planning, estate cleanup or with the complexity's of Oil and Gas Royalties, our experts can help.


  • Understand what 'you own' to manage it and for estate planning
  • Record check detail: purchaser, owner, check, well, revenues
  • Record the wells, purchasers, interest you are getting paid on
  • Record your mineral ownership, DOI's, leases, assignments and deeds and relate this to your 'production history' on your check detail
  • Scan/Image key documents with backups to protect against loss
  • Royalty Trusts & LLP's - the tools to actively manage your assets


  • Provide detail income expenses by well for your expense and depletion allowance - reports customized to minimize your Tax CPA's time
  • Ensure your 1099's and K1's match what you were paid
  • Provide detail for state income taxes and compare to state withholding performed by the purchaser so you don't duplicate state tax payments
  • Support reserve analysis (engr evaluation) for re-valuation


  • Evaluate opportunities - quickly review historical production and/or expenses to determine deal (sale, gift, acquisition, collateral) impact
  • Annual review: match revenues to 1099's, match DOI's to payments, missing check review, escheated / suspended funds review
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual reports compare & analyze income vs assets
  • Management and exception reporting - defined to fit your audience
  • Property tax (ad valorem) payment reporting to ensure you are paid in full
  • Ensure compliance with state dormant materials reporting